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A New Beginning

March 27, 2009

This is my first post on my all new Skepticus Maximus blog. I am presently in the throws of importing from my previous livejournal blog at MY OLD BLOG I had some problems there with setting up an offline editor (software installed onto my own computer, which allows me to format and edit my posts then uploads them to my blog). There seemed to be no good information in the help documentation or the FAQ’s there, so I decided It would be easier to set up a brand new blog on a with a hosted system which I think (I hope) is more popular and therefore has better community support.

Three days latter with diversions to, select a stylesheet, create a new title banner, investigate the new software and upload some images from my drive, and I am almost back to square one, without the posted content of my previous blog of course. I will now catch up with the importing of some of my previous blog, and then I will have a good brows around the WordPress blog-sphere and community.

See you in the soup.

EDIT: PS: I am incredibly impressed. I found the import feature and gave it my livejournal login details and hit the button. WOW!! I just lifted my whole blog site comments and all, then posted them here on my main page. Thanks WordPress, you are definitely going up in my estimation of merit.

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