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Censorship! Because It’s More Effective Than Faith Healing

September 4, 2009

I guess it’s fair to say that I’m just a little jacked off right now. I had spent the best part of a full evening (4 hours or so) laying out a detailed and very carefully considered attempt to explain what makes atheists so annoyed at the arrogance of theists, who blurt their supernatural certainty, in contradiction of the cautious worldview found in the skeptical mind. It was on this the comments page of the ‘speaking in tongues’ video which is the subject of this thread. I laid down about 15 full comments in reply to one particular viewer (respectshan), went to post the last one and the comments had been disabled by the filthy maggot revkiethbarr. Again, I had not been using a text editor (when will I ever learn?), but then again, the comment software doesn’t seem to like it when you use the Linux clipboard (it may have something to do with text encoding etc..) I dunno, I am not a happy chappy. 😦

I had made a very diligent attempt to restrain myself from hostility this time. Earlier I had called the god botherer in question an ignorant moron or some such thing. I do often just blurt out my honest emotional response, but what the fuck. I am human, and this is toxic poison to society. it really does undermine our secular values and falsely place religious moral codes above secular ones. Swearing and ad hominem, is hardly what you would call a blood bath on the streets. Religion is all to often directly the cause of intolerable bloodshed, murder, gang warfare and hostile vilification. That is just the violent motives ordained by holly books and endorsed by their alleged creator deity authors. Whenever this is raised religion is flatly reflected as the motive, everyone else’s religion is blamed, or the modern civility of secular society, is credited to the modernity of later gospels and interpretations. Shure thing!!  We can see how peaceful and civilized the theocratic countries have become. Without secular democratic values, these knuckle walking savages, would be out in the streets dancing a jig and firing guns into the air, every time a rival religious leader was killed. Some people deserve to live in a place where you never have to paint your house, as long as you dont mind  the colour red. In such a place, you just wait till the blotches of splattered holiness join together. That’s one less chore but the extra entrances which your neighbors keep installing, well… talk about butchers.

I reserve the right to have zero confidence in the stable civility of religious minds even here in the west. Just stir up their personal vengeance generator with a report on abortion or violent child abuse. Some things are enough to make anybody cry. When these people cry there are no tears they are crying, savage, violent, slogans of personal hatred and vengeance. When the crime is serious and matches their puritanical agenda, they have no hesitation to reveal that the law of the land is not good enough for them their accountability is ceded ultimately to only the one authority. It’s when we are dealing with the most serious moral decisions, that we need to respect the shared responsibility and make our decisions with the utmost care and reflection. My hostile vitriol could never compare with these could be, and would be violent criminals. Anybody who can have the bibles grotesque barbarity quoted or read and know of it themselves and yet fail to recoil and not become repulsed, is potentially sociopathic miscreant. Why would expect any different. There is no more logical validity behind their belief in the moral supremacy of god than their failure to identify and dispense with Pascals Wager. Wishful thinking, circular reasoning and interchangeable currencies of is’s for aughts. and visa versa.

The ‘good’ reverend revkuntabull, having not enough respect for freedom of speech and too cowardly to let other peoples comments stand on their own merit or other wise, is quite an interesting character from his website. He has a book published called “From Genisis to Armageddon”.  That book should have something for the whole family. From the nice kiddy’s ‘arky warky’, to the timeless suspense thriller for all the adults, it’s the same one which we’ve all been waiting for Arrrrrrrrrrrmageddon. What would you call the Flying Spaghetti Monsters epic food fight at the end of times? How about Armaspaghettion? (L) copyleft me Skepticus. But if the food runs out, then you might hear it called ‘Armageddinhungry’.  But I suppose I shouldn’t be so flip and I should try to see it as the serious issue it is.  Wasting food is something this world can little afford. All those starving babies in the third world, deserve the chance to grow up healthy, go to school (until they get to the sciencey part). They should have a chance to be confirmed and worship and then one day they might proudly go amongst their people as holly campaigners abolishing the horrible evil practice of contraception. If you don’t want to catch disease you should wait till your honey moonlight, or come to an arrangement with a nice clean alter boy.  You think they may be called altar’s because being bent over them is sure to ‘alter boys’?

These people aught to pull their heads in and adopt some humility. Unfortunately they are to stupid to see this, after all the world does revolve around them. I might get angry an voice my contempt, but I still bend over backwards to present the reasoned and dispassionate logic to support the rational side of debate. I can be quite blunt to idiots I don’t know or don’t care much about, but anger swearing and ridicule is not hate or violence. Those are the machinery of religion and I sometimes turn crimson and shudder with loathing exasperation, but I know full well I would never lift a finger in anger or take to the streets and throw rocks or torch cars. Religious people are also civilized, except the ones who aren’t. You don’t have to be a vigilante or a terrorist to be uncivilized, just being a cheat and and an underhanded vermin, who takes advantage of easy prey and stacks the deck at every possible opportunity. Indoctrination methods as well as and censorship from critical discourse serve the modern villain well. Those are the greedy, desperate, self serving echoes of a barbaric past and it tells me that these people do not want to be mature or civilized citizens. They do not want to share resources and leave a legacy of virtue and pride. Why would they? They are programed to accept a point list of direct commandments. WTF is free will for then? ‘Do these things or burn in hell for ever. ‘

Doesn’t seem to leave much scope for freewill to me. It ‘s not just that the choice is preempted, but that the scope for subtlety of choice is constrained to black and white instructions. Actually you are not supposed to be condemned to hell for breaking the commandments if you confess and ask for forgivingness. God it seems, just can’t stay mad at those puppy dog eyes forever. If those puppy dog eyes should stare straight through him though, and see nothing, then that is your role call, for the pits of hellfire. Sorry that’s unforgivable. “I gave you a bronze age story, full of arbitrary capricious miracles and wars”, the kind, loving deity might say. “It had talking serpents, a little sun I once told to stop going around the earth and several different contradictory versions of creation. Plus it encapsulated and plagiarized the mythology of the older middle eastern myths. What more do you want? Not that eastern block Buddhist and taoist crap I hope. You’re not interested in that little fat gut made rock are you? Huh? They say god could never make a rock too heavy for him to lift. Look at this little fat bastard. He could never lift himself and he’s made of rock. You wouldn’t want me to send my son over there and have to eat goodness knows what. God cant be sustained on dishes of cabbage leaf and butterfly entrails, any more than he can dwell with iniquity. You couldn’t see that thousands of other religions were wrong, just because they had the same sort of evidence. So, it didn’t tip you off that nearly everybody else in your community were keen believers in me. The avalanche of bias in your own small local community, not enough to tip you off was it? All those other cultures they wouldn’t know how to understand my divinity. Look at them they cant even speak properly and they dress so weird. Maybe you just couldn’t see reason to believe was that it?

“Didn’t have enough evidence did you – you evil bastard. You couldn’t understand the psychological phenomenon that freewill gives you the right to decide, what seems probable? Well god loves you shit head, and however nice you have been as a human being, you must roast in hell. Not just for some arbitrary period, but for eternity. Don’t you see? you could have just decided for yourself by not thinking and excepting some unfathomably fantastic fairytale scenario, and nothing about thought reason, or evidence will override this one thing. You must believe in me, and do your utmost to convince others. Learning how to reason will cause cogitative dissonance, so you better STFU about that and avert thine eyes.”

How obvious is the cowardice of ‘hellfire and brimstone’ as a motive for pretending to understand reason and ignoring or evading valid reasoning debate while pretending either it or the evidence we see is consistent with a deity (obviously conscious and supernatural) otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to say I know everything already. The evidence is all around you. It’s everything you cant explain at face value and everything for which you can say goddidit. Now we have established the undeniable existence of The Flying Spaghetti Monster. Never mind about where the FSM comes from. It’s probably that saucepan over by Russell’s Teapot.

Don’t forget, just because goddidit is not an actual explanation in terms of cause and effect relationships and you don’t know HOW goddidit; I mean just because goddidit is a synonym for ‘how the fuck would I know’ that is no reason to avoid arrogantly undermining the hard earned and meticulous investigations of natural science. Everything THEY study is ASSUMED to obey the laws of nature, and they don’t even TRY to jump to supernatural conclusions of inexplicable laws and forces outside of the natural realm. The marvels of our universe from the simplest corn popping to the forming of a snow flake or the miraculous properties of a banana are all things for which goddidit is the nat…er supernatural alternative.

Just remember. As long as you PERSONALLY don’t understand how something works, you should immediately leap to the conclusion that it is impossible according to natural laws. Since it’s theoretically impossible that you should find yourself in a situation which requires you to say “I don’t know” or even estimate the probability of alternatives, you must assume perfect certainty is available to you and avoid doubt or uncertainty. Meticulous studies of nature and academic details of logic and reason are superfluousness. God is the answer to every question because god isn’t bound to the logical laws of causality within nature. Godidit means that you know everything and don’t have any gaps in your explanation of the entire cosmos. Isn’t that how deists feel? Godidit can be used to plug any gap in detailed specific, causative explanations.

The supernatural being without rules, can be assumed to do absolutely anything. Somehow, many of us were persuaded to believe that something could exist to escape natural law. But the only things we know with any degree of certainty are known because natural law describes what is necessary. The implications of necessary phenomena and their relationships, lead us to investigate further natural laws. etc. Nothing can be MEANT by the supernatural. It is a void, or a suspension (even a contradiction) of necessary truth as we understand it. It can not be partisan to knowledge, as unlike nature, we have no understanding of how it works.

There are no rules of the supernatural, which logical reasoning mandates. How can nature be any less than the sum of everything that is possible? As long as there is a logical explanation for anything, that thing is understood to be the result of laws that are logical and consistent with nature.  While there may be anomalies, we sometimes have too say we don’t understand that yet. While there may not be a known explanation for a thing, it is not inevitably supernatural. It’ cant therefore be assumed to be supernatural. The reason nature abhors a miracle, is because nature attends to all things that are logically possible. The very definition of a supernatural event, is that it defies natural law and natural laws are defined by logical necessity. Nature is at the very least, delimited by the bounds logical possibility. We can’t even conceive of a supernatural event with out conceding that they must be illogical in principle.

Before too long I will put some time into replacing the failed attempt at posting on the revporkypie’s comment section for the video about babbling bullshit. I have also mirror’d it ftw. You can view it and yes, even comment right here.

It turns out our good revkockbag is something of a jet setting faith healer. The best medicine for this kind of bolloks is this:

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  1. October 12, 2009 11:22 am

    awesome article 🙂

    Frustrating aren’t they?

    PS: I tend to write all my stuff in gedit before pasting into blog replies, there’s nothing worse than hitting enter and finding for some reason you are logged out .. and backing up you have lost everything …

    • October 18, 2009 5:36 pm

      Never mind one day I will learn. I do have a single page of html saved that captures part of the discourse, but I will have to post it and expand on it to detail to points covered.

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