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November 7, 2009

I guess this post will mark a transition for my little blog. I have recently subscribed and been added to the The Atheist Blogroll which, In Mojoey’s own words: “is a community building service provided free of charge to Atheist bloggers from around the world. If you would like to join, visit Mojoey at Deep Thoughts for more information.” So if you are an atheist blogger too, then why not get on board? Tell Mojoey I sent you and he’ll halve the enrollment fee (which is entirely free of course). I also joined another blogroll closer to home with ANZAB the Australian New Zealand Atheist Blogroll. This is run by the wonderful and prolific Sean The Blogonaut. Sean has been a wonderful influence in promoting the upcoming The Rise  Of Atheism, Atheist convention in Melbourne in March next year.

The Rise  Of Atheism will be a wonderful opportunity for us Auzzie atheists to meet up and get to know each other better. It will also be a ground braking historical event. With so many (thousands) of atheists expected to converge and put Australia on the map of proactive atheism. An illustrious line up of speakers will inspire attendees and together we will send a message to the powers to be, ‘we atheists do exist, and we care passionately about protecting secular values and rights’  This is an exciting event not only in the lives of those who plan to attend, but in the grand scheme of world history. Here in Australia ‘The Rise Of Atheism’ is our chance to be good hosts, and extend a warm welcome to those who come from abroad to speak or attend. It is a golden opportunity to put on a great show and let the world know what fantastic ambassadors of atheism we Aussies are. Speaking of great shows and ambassadors, the organizers of this convention have been incredible, tireless volunteers, and have been jumping through hoops (including fixing up a malicious DDOS attack on the website servers holding the convention website hosted) to put together a show that will never be forgotten. So if you have the chance to speak to the members of the Atheist Foundation Of Australia, be sure to thank them for doing such immensely tireless and selfless work, to put all atheists (Australian or otherwise) in a world that much less dominated by religious bigotry.

Now. I said that this post would mark a transition for Skepticus Maximus, that was partially to do with the blogrolls I have signed up to and last month I had a record number of visitors, which I am very grateful for and thanks to all those who came to visit. I have decided to make a regular post every Saturday if I possibly can and try to have something to say about life on-line, life in the real world (yep, there is still a real world), atheism or perhaps even just a brief overview of the weeks main events. I have not been a dedicated blogger in the past, and I have tended to use this place as a copy pasta repository, but now that the visitor hits have been elevated,  I have decided to make use of the momentum and hopeful keep it up. I do enjoy writing when I have something to write about, and I have just recently enlisted with Associated Content, an on-line publishing repository and content brokerage. I only have the one article so far but that is a start. Well I hope this is viewed as a more bloggyish and normal reader orientated blog post, if you care to comment on my style and offer constructive criticism, don’t I cry easily… No no!, just kidding. Please! criticism welcome. I would like to improve, so drop a word in the comment box if you can spare a moment. Meanwhile I’ll see you next week.

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