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Offensive Islam, Leaves No Room For Doubt.

May 26, 2010

Well, I have about three incomplete drafts saved, so things are going to get a little out of order. Iĺl try to ensure that it won´t make things too confusing. I have not published for a while but I have been bloging ´backstage´ so to speak. Itś not so much a case of writers block as ramblers torrent that is to blame, as I keep having troubles with winding up a post, until I absolutely  have to do something else, like cook a meal. Anyhow I have yet another post from another comment section, that got a little too long, so I just copy pasta this one and…. No! I mustn’t embellish!

The original article I have responded to is: Insult-22 It deals with the relentless Islamic trend of hypersensitive offense taking and suppression of free speech. The implications for a hateful, violent retaliation for the god who never grew up since having his lollipop stolen at the age of three is given due consideration.  I seems this tantrum prone, petulant, hate-mongering deity, consequently lost all supernatural powers to fight his own battles,  relying instead on the mob brutality from unrestrained, rabid lynch mobs, of, violent, (almost) human barbarians.

@Aafke Thank you for speaking such sane and responsible words. In particular I love the lines:

¨People who live half the world have no right to push their moral/religious codes on people to whom they are meaningless. They have the duty to respect their autonomy.¨

And this is little treasure:

¨My point is really that being insulted is and should remain, a personal emotion.¨

I would also like to point out the difference between giving offense and taking offense as a miscommunication. The offense that is created on the receiving end, can so easily disregard the lack of intent to offend, by way of the words or intentions conveyed.  Even if the intent exists, the offense is a victim-less crime if receiving party has the maturity to realize that pictures and word are information. Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names will never hurt me.

The point you make, plays into a matter I have been contemplating lately. The Abrehamic monotheisms. all seem to employ this distorted concept of what belief is. The bizarre idea that one can simply decide (ie without examining evidence or critical thinking) to believe an idea as deliberate choice, like which colour sock to wear, is at the heart of these beliefs. Is simply disregards the obvious absurdity that believing something does not make it true. That tells me something about the intellectual poverty of the basic precepts.

If you have no investment in critical thinking and treating an idea as something to be scrutinized for rational plausibility, it is effortless to choose beliefs like socks because you won´t know any better. Now consider emotional blackmail/bribery, of such absurd extremes as heaven and hell and beliefs can be sold on the basis of moral obligation. You can be told it is your duty to choose this belief, as if the highest authority in the universe (assuming such a being exists) will torture you for eternity. You will also be incapable of scrutinizing your beliefs or contemplating any evidence or reason that they may be false.

Another catalyst for this delusion, is the false dichotomy fallacy, which is predicated on the failure to consider all possible explanations for the same evidence, but to treat one as the polar opposite of the other, so I am right if you are wrong, and visa versa. The most interesting failure I think though, is the inability to consider the possibility of even the being tentative even in the slightest way. That is how totalitarian ideology prevents itś  proponents form even looking at even the slightest scrap of contradictory evidence. That way the word ´believe´ becomes a synonym for know.

The problem is, if you cant contemplate the probability / plausibility of an idea because you are scared to hell and morally forbidden, from even thinking it might not be completely factual, then you can never even consider what conditions might change your mind. Willingness to consider and be convinced by convincing argument is the real mark of respect. To admit that that we can never be certain and be willing to change our minds, is a prerequisite of open-mindedness and to abandon that is a tragedy. I makes a total mockery of the precious pleadings for respect.

The point is, this totalitarian mindset, is incapable of hearing the disagreement of any dissenting or contrary views. The idea that others have a right to their belief is disregarded, because it incompatible with divine moral dictates to believe, obey, worship and vehemently oppose any alternatives. Like offense, belief is also personal. I have been accused of trying to destroy peoples faith, because I have the audacity to dispute their beliefs. This just silly, because there is nothing I could ever do, to make another person change their mind. If they understand my reasons and have the integrity to entertain speculation that they may be mistaken, then they may become convinced that I am right, but then we have reached agreement because they have changes their own mind.

Critical thinking allows people to reach agreement and eliminate misconceptions, it begins with refusing to make assumptions and enthusiastically putting our most cherished ideas on the table, so we can learn about any errors we could have made. You cant possibly learn anything if you know everything already. Islamic extremism is inconsolable by reason and the meed to let ideas stand on their own merit and face criticism, because infallibility of their dogma is accepted out of hand and there is one more common critical thinking error made. When pointing out why you find a belief unconvincing, you may also notice your counterpart is taking your points as a statement of absolute certainty (they don´t understand you dont think this way) Agreement in this mindset means you would have to ´know with unyielding certainty that you both are perfectly certain of the same conclusion´.

Instead they interpret your doubt, as certainty that they are false, and so you are directly contradicting (and thereby insulting) the infallible truth, as demanded by the dictator of all truth that can be known. The idea of humility and tentative ideas, probability or doubt, is banished (in their view) from your motives to doubt, as well as their motives to believe. This I think, is why they react so belligerently.  It also explains how indoctrination, proselytism and the constant petulant demand to believe as if it were an obligation to them, as well as their totalitarian dictator god. The impenetrable circular reasoning makes it inconceivable for them to comprehend that you cant obey a being who does not exist, so the command to believe can only be obeyed by a person who already believes.

It is lamentably predictable what line the responses to this point will be. It is too much to expect a Muslim critic to acknowledge (and allow) that I am unconvinced of their gods existence, so the reply will assume that we both ´know´ Allah exists, as if he were as real as one of my neighbors and then the absurdity of begging the question will pass without so much as a nod, to a conclusion that  Allah is real, itself drawing upon some baseless assumptions that could at best merely valid (not even plausible or possible), if I assume Allah exists. Show me the Muslim fundamentalist who even comprehends circular reasoning, and I will show you one who understands the fundamental fallacy that their whole belief system is predicated upon.

I might also predict the, inability of any critic, to contend with my doubts, without taking them as a claim of certainty that the Muslim beliefs are wrong.  I do not have to know they are wrong to doubt they are correct Does any Muslim comprehend, that my failure to be convinced, is not the same as a claim that I am certain they are wrong. The difference between my mindset and theirs, is that I am willing to be convinced by good evidence and reasoning. I would be willing to be convinced that Peter Pan is real, if good reason and evidence became overwhelming, but not if I am told  Peter Pan threatens to chop me into a million bits and feed me to dogs if I dont decide to  believe he exists. That is not evidence. That is obviously delusional rantings of a deranged lunatic.

A tragic consequence of this deplorable insidious dictatorship of ignorance, which spans entire nations, underwrites governments and ordains as compulsory, hateful, violent, misogynistic, irrational and joyless beliefs, is the sheer vulgarity of their oppressiveness.  The license is granted to evil barbaric men, to override and undermine human rights that should have no geographic boundaries and protect the vulnerabilities of women, children, animals and disadvantaged of all kinds. Their dictatorship is a monolithic power, that rises above all levels of authority and poisons every sector and aspect of a society. It  has no natural predators or vaccines for those trapped in its clutches. The children, massive throngs of them, will never know what free thinking is, as they will not be given the opportunity to learn thinking skills or learn to understand natural consequences  or debate with an open mind about so many things that are doomed be decided for them to believe as unquestionable dogmatic dictates.  These sick, evil barbarians have such an unrestrained monopoly Over every single thing (to an excruciating detail) and will not give a second thought in dispensing the most brutal and savage atrocities of pure evil barbarism  they care to .  Islam proves that anybody who can make us believe absurdities, can persuade us to commit atrocities.

Here are a couple examples of the kinds of things I believe Islam lends itś ideological support to. in the first case. While in the second  it positively endorses, if not actively sanctions the actions of sick child abuse. To borrow a slightly hackney´d cliché : People – PLEASE – think of the children!

too disgusting for words

PS: Many thanks for her inspiration, must go to Aafke,  A blogger who reflects a character of substance who´s integrity is rare. Please visit:


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