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The Rise Of Atheism Atheists Convention In Melbourne

Well I guess every atheist knows by now, that there will be an atheist convention in Melbourne Australia in March 2010. And Skepticus will be there with his ears back. The organization for this event owes itself largely to The Atheist Foundation of Australia. A stellar line up of speakers will be presented including Richard Dawkins, PZ Myers, Philip Adams, Kathrine Deveny, Peter Singer, Taslima Nasrin, And many many more.

For more information  just visit  the Rise of Atheism website, or Visit The Atheist Foundation Of Australia.

It has been a shaky start to the convention PR campaign, with the initial opening of ticket sales delayed after a false start and then, more recently, we have seen the websites of the Atheist Foundation of Australia and the Rise of Atheism, hit hard by a powerful, high bandwidth DDOS (Distributed Denial Of Service) network attack. As a result of this the websites had to be taken of line and moved to new servers which have more stringent filtering and and security features. Nevertheless the ordeal was a credit to all those involved and who managed to get things up and running again all within 48 hours. Kudos to Protium, Davo, David Nicholls and anybody else involved in helping. There has been a great sense of cohesion and good will within the atheist on-line community through these struggles. With a number of regulars from the Atheist Foundation forum descending on the  Atheist Nexus website, Aussie, Kiwi & South Pacific Atheists Discussions run by Kristy Vensson & Mr Black. Thanks for having us Kristy & Mr B.

Whilst we are on the topic; David Nicholls The president of the AFA, applied for government funding to support The Rise Of Atheism months ago, without receiving even a reply to the request. Meanwhile Victorian Australians tax dollars are being happily shoveled onto a religious convention to the tune of over $4 million AUD.  Its time our governments pulled their head out of their asses and begun realizing that government funding and service is not just for people with imaginary sky daddies and other delusional beliefs.

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